Developing a 3D tool regarding risk prevention in stone placing industry adapted to disadvantaged groups

Risk prevention in stone placing industry


The main aim of the project is the creation of a totally innovative training tool in 3D adapted to the real needs and characteristics of stone placing industry workers across Europe, particularly for the refugees, immigrants and other disfavoured groups, which are an important part of current and future workforce in this industry.


This Multimedia Resource Centre will be the main product of the project.It consists in a Multimedia Resource Centre with 10 animations of 120 seconds each one, where the main risk situations are introduced in the stone placing industry. These 3D animations pretend to be entertaining and easy to understand, which will allow to teach the security aspects at the workplace.


  • Workers of the natural stone industry.
  • Teachers of the VET organizations who will use this material to implement the courses.
  • Students of the VET organizations.
  • Other stakeholders, who will have available material related to the topic of the project.
  • Companies of the natural stone industry, who will benefit from the project by reducing the number of the health problems in their staff.
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