The consortium of this project has been consolidated within specialized organizations in the topic of the project. The aim is to bring to the project complementary knowledge and represent different European regions.


The Association of the German Natural Stone Industry DNV is covering German natural stone companies, dealing with quarrying, processing and installation of natural stones. Building constructions as well as monuments are objects of the association’s activities.

The aims of the Association’s work are particularly the protection and promotion of the common economic importance, the co-operation and the exchange of experience and, most important, the information and support of the members. 



BBS 1 MAINZ Gewerbe und Technik. 

Our school for vocational education has 3200 trainees and students educated by 170 teachers. Several departments educate for example building constructions, mechanics, printing, electrical engineering or skills in multimedia professions and computer technologies. Most forms of vocational education additionally offer the diplomas for entering higher education at the university. Our education in technical professions is based on a 250 years old tradition in different locations of Mainz.

Klesarska kola, Pučišća.

Stonemason school at Pučišća on the island of Brač is unique, specialised stonemason school in te Republic of Croatia. It was founded on 5 January 1909.

Great emphasis in the school curriculum is laid on manual manufacturing of stone mainly performed by means of manual wrought tools.


Creado en su origen con dimensión local y regional, desde el año 2001 el CTM opera con carácter nacional tras su inscripción en el Libro-Registro de la Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología (CICYT) como Centro de Innovación y Tecnología (CIT), con el número 67. A su vez, también en el 2001, la OTRI (Oficina de Transmisión de Resultados de Investigación) del Centro fue inscrita con el número 164 en el Libro-Registro establecido al efecto.


AtinServices is a company with more than eighteen years of experience in the creation and management of national and international scale projects. It counts with an experienced staff and external collaborators in different areas like management, languages, IT, mining, stone, safety at workplaces, minorities, quality control etc. Nowadays, the company is specialized in the design and technical production of didactic materials, through the participation in different EU projects.

Lycée des Métiers Leonard de Vinci.

Lycée des Métiers Léonard de Vinci created in 1947 and patented High Environmental Quality welcomes 810 students and apprentices in studies as varied as building, public works, transport.

Furthermore , we offer specialized workshops in Buildings energy efficiency and Prevention of risks in building i.e scaffolds and construction i.e energy leaks . We offer student mobility and overseas.



SCUOLA Edile – CPT  Padovais a bilateral  training centre for the building sector. Bilateral means that it is a private organisation owned by:

  • ANCE-PADOVA – building entrepreneurs’ association
  • FENEAL-UIL;  FILCA-CISL;  FILLEA-CGIL – trade unions  (representing the building sector)

In the first collective national labour contract (1946) social parts agreed to found “building schools” organised at provincial level and managed in a bilateral way (employers + workers).


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